Five ways to expect when you transition from live to online poker

Five ways to expect when you transition from live to online poker

Online poker has already reached its ultimate goal—to surpass live poker in terms of magnitude and popularity. Nothing can stop online poker, and one good evidence is the mass exodus of traditional live poker players switching to online poker.

So, are you also planning to switch to online poker? What should be the proper process of switching from live poker to online poker?

Well, transitioning from live poker to online poker is not that easy as many would say, however, that does not mean that you should be putting yourself in a difficult situation, so here are some helpful tips that will give you an easier time switching to poker online Indonesia.

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  1. Expect a faster pace of games– The majority of players who are used to playing live poker is that they are used to slow-paced gameplay, however, when you start playing online poker, the biggest change that you will experience is the fast-paced gameplay where you will get hit instantly. You will surely have a hard time to force yourself to play faster knowing that you are allowed to play as much as sixty hands per hour compared to live poker where you are only limited to only half of what online poker gives you. The more the hands, means the fewer the folds, the higher the raises, and the more the flopping.
  2. Online poker tables are tougher than live poker tables– Live poker is simply very slow and also very soft compared to your average table is, so if you are switching to the online poker scene, you should consider having a full-stacked table where you will be exposed to different kinds of players where there are some who are very tight that you can guarantee that anytime they will put a raise on the pot.
  3. Online poker is aggressive– Live poker is known to be very passive and lose every time which tends to be boring for many players, however, if you play in online poker, it is going to be very aggressive where folding, flopping, raising and going all-in will happen in a few minutes going into the entire game. Also, in online poker, the light three-betting is also non-existent meaning, if the majority of the players in the game will raise anew, they are assured that they will have value for it.
  4. There is no pre-flop limping in online poker– Compared to live poker where pre-flop limping is very popular, in online poker, it is very easy to determine who among the players are limping the game because limping there rarely happens.
  5. More pot that is vied in multiple ways– In online poker, there is about a hundred percent of the pots are already heads-up going to the flop while live poker only averages two to three-handed pots. Online poker has more players which provide more chances for someone who has the real hand knowing that the pre-flop raiser is just the continuation for a lesser bet where you will need on average a far more better hand to win at this showdown.
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